The Disaway Trust is a registered charity that organises group holidays with physically disabled people, which has been in existence since 1981. The organisation is run entirely by a Committee of Volunteers and is supported by voluntary help and contributions. Our Disabled applicants we call Holidaymakers and Volunteer carers we call Helpers. The age range is between 16 and 80 and we try and have a mixed group of men and women and all ages on each holiday.

Disaway puts a holiday package together including visiting the actual venues to ensure suitability and accessibility throughout the holiday. We try to select interesting and stimulating venues both in this country and abroad. Each year we usually organise one holiday within the UK and one sometimes two abroad. The size of the group is dependant on the destination but usually varies between 20 - 40 people on each holiday.

The Holidaymaker is expected to pay the full cost of the holiday with the Helper paying approximately half and Disaway fundraise for the other half. On each holiday there will be a Registered General Nurse and a number of Committee Members to assist the group and in most cases the Holidaymakers shares a room with their Helper.

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