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The Disaway Trust is a registered charity that organises group holidays with physically disabled people, which has been in existence since 1981. The organisation is run entirely by a Committee of Volunteers and is supported by voluntary help and contributions. Our Disabled applicants we call Holidaymakers and Volunteer carers we call Helpers. The age range is between 16 and 80 and we try and have a mixed group of men and women and all ages on each holiday.

Disaway puts a holiday package together including visiting the actual venues to ensure suitability and accessibility throughout the holiday. We try to select interesting and stimulating venues both in this country and abroad. Each year we usually organise one holiday within the UK and one sometimes two abroad. The size of the group is dependant on the destination but usually varies between 20 - 40 people on each holiday.

On each holiday there will be a number of committee members to assist the group. The holidaymaker is expected to pay the full cost of the holiday with the helper paying approximately half and Disaway fundraising the other half.

Registered Charity number 282874

Volunteer Helpers
Disaway relies on voluntary help to achieve its objective of providing disabled people with holidays. Each helper is asked to look after the needs of one holidaymaker during the holiday. This will include helping with amongst other things, needs like washing, feeding, dressing and helping in the toilet. It is the helper's responsibility to ensure that the holidaymaker gains the maximum possible enjoyment from the holiday. Members of the Disaway Council of Management are always on the holidays as volunteers and will help with advice, guidance and support. Should you be an inexperienced helper we will endeavour to allocate you to a holidaymaker needing minimal care and we make every effort to match helpers and holidaymakers with similar interests.

Helpers must be fit and strong and in most cases every applicant is required to complete a medical form and acceptance is at the discretion of the committee. Minimum age limit for volunteers is 18 years. Children accompanying their parents will be at the discretion of the committee. Many people enjoy this type of holiday and previous helpers will vouch for their enjoyment of a fulfilling vacation in a friendly atmosphere. Helpers are asked to make a financial contribution towards the cost of the holiday. Please send £100 deposit with application form.

All correspondence should be addressed to:-
Josie Kidd, 4 The Maltings, Byfleet, Surrey KT14 7PY. Tel 01483 824016 Mob 07766 011361
e mail josiekidd1@gmail.com
Past Years Gallery
There will be at least one committee member on each holiday. Disaway is able to accommodate people with most kinds of physical disability aged between 16 and 80. Every applicant is required to complete a medical form and acceptance for the holiday is at the discretion of the committee. A volunteer helper will attend each disabled person and applicants are very welcome to bring their own helper if they wish. Disaway hopes that married couples, where one or both of the partners are disabled, will be encouraged to attend the holiday. An able-bodied person accompanying their partner will be accepted on the same terms as a volunteer helper. Children accompanying their parents will be at the discretion of the committee

The prices of the holidays have been kept to the absolute minimum, however Disaway at its discretion, may subsidise individuals in cases of exceptional hardship. Applications, together with a deposit, will be considered on receipt of completed application and medical forms. In most cases applications can only be accepted for one Disaway holiday each year, as it is the wish of the Charity if possible to provide holidays for those who would not otherwise have an opportunity to get away. Deposits will be returned to unsuccessful applicants, unless they wish to stay on the cancellation list. Holidaymakers who cancel at short notice will only receive a refund if their vacancy is filled, or Disaway receives refund from Hotel or Travel Agent.

All correspondence should be addressed to - Lynne Simpkins, 11 Larchwood Close Banstead Surrey SM7 1HE Tel. 01737 214805 email: lynnesimpkins@hotmail.com
Fund Raising

Disaway has to fundraise each year for the difference of the Helpers costs as well as the administration costs. Recently we have started to run a small lottery fund. This starts in April this year and costs £15 for one number which goes into a draw each month. The prize for the lucky number is £50 for 10 months and £100 for 2 months. We also take out Public Liability Insurance each year and that alone has increased enormously in the last few years! If we cannot raise our target each year then Disaway will cease. We obtain some of our monies from Grant Making Trusts and Flag Days at local shopping centres, although these Flag Days are becoming more difficult to obtain because there are so many Charities wanting them. We also do car boot sales, bring and buy sales and various other small projects to raise money.
Some of our Holidaymakers/Helpers are very generous and give us donations which of course if they are taxpayers we are now able to claim back through Gift Aid the tax back from the Inland Revenue. Some of our Holidaymakers fundraise for us by selling some of their homemade gifts. We have distributed some small collection boxes for people to have at home and collect their pennies or donations in, I'm hoping that will generate some funds.
For collection boxes and all other donations including Gift Aid or any fundraising enquires please contact Lynne Simpkins. All contact details are on the Committee page.
Contact Us

All Committee Members are unpaid Volunteers. We meet monthly in Surrey and plan/organise everything to run Disaway and our Holidays.

LYNNE SIMPKINS, our Treasurer, and Holidaymaker Co-ordinator, is contactable on Tel: 01737 214805 E mail: lynnesimpkins@hotmail.com

MARK HAMMERSLEY, our Chairman and Assistant Treasurer, is contactable on E mail: mhammersley@hotmail.com

JOSIE KIDD, is our helper co-ordinator. Tel: 01483 824016 E mail: josie.kidd1@gmail.com

GILL WHEELER is a committee member Tel: 0208 8787184 E mail: gillian.wheeler217@btinternet.com

STEVE DORAN is a committee member Tel: 07906 030693 Email: sdoransteve@aol.com

NORMA WARRIES is our longest serving committee member

ANN LIPSCOMBE is a committee member Emailann@lipscombes.plus.com

TRICIA NICHOLSON is a committee member Email: trishnicholson@btinternet.com

LYDIA EMERSON is our Facebook and Media secretary Email: lydiaemerson@yahoo.com
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